Distributed to participants in advance of a series of workshops I conducted around intimacy, parlour games and the tyranny of leadership
Dialogical Experiments, a residency by The School of Making Thinking, Krumville, New York, 2016


“As a matter of fact, I think nothing of love. I’d be glad to know what it is, but being inside, I see it in existence, not in essence. Hence, discourse on love though I may for years at a time, I cannot hope to seize the concept of it except ‘by the tail’: by flashes, formulas, surprises of expression, scattered through the great stream of the image repertoire; I am in love’s wrong place, which is its dazzling place: ‘The darkest place, according to a Chinese proverb, is always underneath the lamp.’”


instead of widening my eyes, catastrophizing, I say: I’m grateful to be alive

my sweat stains my shirt (if I’m wearing the wrong fabric)

oh, something is dissolving

oh, it’s like this soft sand the more I push


“being or relating, that is the whole question”


a libidinal thing, a frame, permission granted

I have once or at times provided something where I didn’t think I could and agree that experience was worth having

information can be used in different ways

providing can mean losing (“I agree that experience was worth having”), trial and error

sometimes I log successes by replicating techniques on one that garnered success on another


I’m private, inside out of shape, under control (in that there are things I haven’t yet said)

representation always has a level of cruelty to it


I collect your excesses in my hand like two quiet doves, I smell your stains from the other room and breathe deeply


one major problem is when I make things that are uncertain certain

I argue that concepts need not be clearly defined to be meaningful


the imposition of temporary structures is active work against oppressive structures and the limitations they produce

we coat a vulnerable old rope in wax (add fat, increase quantity of degradable parts, this extends a life)


the things I produce here may be used again

I accept this knowing intentions to betray me are mutable, sweet


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